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irtual Reality Cinema

Starting in Zurich , Switzerland

PLanned in 

Bern - Basel - Luzern - Genf - Lausanne

The Virtual Reality (VR) Cinema is opening its doors!

Yes, your location is Zurich. However, put our VR Googles on and you will suddenly find yourself in far away countries, animated foreign worlds and places that you have never imagined before. Be careful, the VR experience is visually strong - you do not watch a movie, you are a part of it. 

"We Are Cinema" - the VR Cinema offers this new and cutting edge experience to everyone and places it in a stylish, modern concept with bar and catering. Our screenings are taking place in central Zurich, Switzerland.  


Our screenings last for approximately half an hour but will take approximately 45 minutes including the small introduction. The first screening is always starting at 6pm. The last screening starts at 9pm. Each screening sessions offers 20 seats of which 10 special seats with a drink included. 

If you have special requests of inquiries regarding private or corporate screenings please do not hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom of the webpage. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 



uring the half hour VR experience you will get to see several short movies. Below we are presenting to you a selection of the movies that are currently on the program.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the VR experience! 


FSK: ab 16 freigegeben

SONAR nimmt dich auf eine Reise durchs All, schwebend in einer Raumkabsel und mit einigen Überraschungen auf dem Weg in der Dunkelheit..


Wie ein Blatt im Wind fliegst du von der Strasse, der Stadt in die Luft raus in den Wald über See und Flüsse in die Weite der Natur. 

WITNESS 360: 7/7

Movie in ENGLISH

Du begleitest eine Überlebende der Bombenanschläge in der Londoner Ubahn und sitzt währendessen neben ihr in der Ubahn.  


Movie in ENGLISH

Im Film «Tansania 360° - Ezekiels Traum» lernst du den 11-jährigen Jungen Ezekiel, seinen Grossvater und seine Schule im tansanischen Dorf Songambele kennen.

Movie provided by the Kinderdorf Pestalozzi Foundation.

oing to the cinema is a totally new dimension with VR. It is something you have probably never experience before. Noise, phones and loud visitors are past. There is no classical cinema chairs and no big white screen - instead something new, crazy, that will impact our future way of live (possibly ;)
What can you expect? 



The Headset allows you to enter a different world. It is a lightweight headset, easy to put on and take off, adjust to different sizes. On top of the headset you will find a wheel to adjust the focus allwing the VR experience also for people with glasses. Nevertheless, we recommend to wear contact lenses if possible. 




More and more VR moviesinclude not only 360 degree images but also sound to it. This helpd to increase the special augmented dimension during the virtual immersion. Everyone will get his own HD earphones during the screening. They are light, adjustable, comfy and offer high sound quality.



Due to the impressive way of immersion all around your, the classic cinema chairs have been replaced by chairs that allow to turn around freely. In this way you are able to see what is on top, below, right and left of you. No neck that jurts - promised! 




ontact. Please let us know your comments, questions and all the rest of the good stuff :-)

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